Five iranian artist's bring 32 colour pencil still-life to the Jadis Gallery , counrtyard , for an exhibition that runs until November 5 .I meet them minutes after they arrive in Dubai and we have an interesting interviews , here is minoo emami's answers .

why have you chosen colour penciels as your medium of expession ?
I've used almost every material. the coulor pencile is very sensitive. I feel a subject chooses it's own medium . and my still-life with their rch details , choose colour pencile.

what is the easiest and the most difficult , about colour penciel drawings ?
creating strong , hard lines is easy . Its difficult to add details and it is almost impossible to turn dark to light

why still-life and not portrait , landscape or abstract ?
My still-life which shown here , high light my nostalgia for things gone , and bring back memories.

Is there one single object or element , that keeps coming back in your work ?
Sometimes it's luggage , as I belive life is a jurney .

Do you compose your still-life or do you draw what is already present ?
Usually I compose a still life .I see an image in my mind and then I arrange the objects according to the image . Also I choose and omit

Do you have favorite colour ?
I like warm colours.






هيچ گونه اجازه ای برای هر نوع استفاده از نقاشيها و تصاوير ارايه شده به جز مشاهده شخصی آنها در سايت, بدون گواهی کتبی نقاش وجود ندارد. متخلفين موجب بند 5 از ماده 2 قانون حمايت از حقوق مولفان, مصنفان و هنرمندان تحت پيگرد قانون قرار ميگرند.

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