how much war can fit in the art? how much art can describe the war ,apparently it depends to the war itself, how much it can involve the artist's soul and how present it could be in the artist's daily life.
War, with all its power has a short presence in_life , it is an experience which ends, its pain and suffering could last for a while and then, the social life gradually returns to its routine pace.
how much can we keep living with the war ?how much can we get used to the war?
The lifetime of is usually too short to get used to it. In fact only a part of society, only a group of people, willingly or unwillingly, will live with the long lasting wounds of war, therefore this part of society will have exceptional and unusual experiences.
Due to the long lasting persence of war in their daily life, they can reach certain levels of knowledge about society ,and human being .Such opportunity is not easilly available to others.
This is not the case only in Iran or for us. It is an international experience. Those who haven't experience it closely have less emotional connection with it. Moreover, since war is a bitter experience, related to the past or happens overseas, they prefer to be engaged in more amusing and happier affairs. They even prefer to escape from talking and thinking about it.
... or perhaps, this is a way to deny war!?
War experience, wherever they are and in whatever scale, have similarities from one point of view. Countries can be rebuilt, houses & cities, can be reconstructed agricultural fields revitalized, factories run
again …and life will go on!
Those who lost their lives will be eternalized in forms of monuments of unknown soldiers, murals  is
squares, names of avenues and alleys and in the hearts of their loved ones and family. A part though stays alive, next to us and with us. For them the life doesn't come back to normal like for others. War can not be forgotten easily. there, and only there, is where the new experience is just about to begin ;Where the survivors of war can never find a physIological balance, where the victims of chemical weapons are fighting with death everyday, where the missing part of body is the daily-challenge of a large group of people. It is only- for them that war is present in daily life.
That is right here where the brutality on daily bases from dusk to dawn and then from dawn to dusk is present. Where scare of war accompany the life, where war is as eternal as a single lifetime!!!
Minoo is one of those people that war found a way to her private life.
Her works is present collection show how such a remote subject can easily be brought on canvas so artisticly . She belongs to the group of artists who are unique and exceptional… they are exceptional for their unique share of war.
It is not only the prostheeis , the artificial foot ,which involves the painter. The daily life next to that and constant presence of a piece instead of a living part of body can any moment trigger her feelings and thoughts. The fact that a war brought this piece into her life can drag her to many labyrinths of senses, thought and knowledge.
Sometimes she sees the social or political causes & paints it on canvas. Sometimes she thinks of people who suffer.
It is more the personal connection of artist to this artificial piece which appears on canvas, artificial place as part of a person who she loves, a piece that deserves to be loved like human body. but it is just not real. it is out of metal, wood and plastic, and always reminds her to the real missing part.
Sometimes the prosthesls is so reflected on canvas as if there has been no thought for painting it and only because of its constant presence in painter's life it finds a way on paper or canvas by itself.
Sometimes in a heavy silence her works seem to ask: who am I, who are you, and what is it with us, and next to us!?
in her many works of prosthesis she never hide its material and its artificiality.At the same time, she always demonstrates certain living quality. It is artificial but seems like alive, questioning the roots of this bitter incident. Moreover, in all her work, the painter never shows a sign of pity, she never tries to stir a sense of remors and sorrow. The war is accepted, as well as prosthesis and life goes on.
The painter spent years of her life on this subject and knew well enough that this kind of work is a personal experience and not a commodity to respond to the supply and demand rules of the art's market. ...
Her work is neither loud or angry cry againts war, nor protesting manifestos to the passing life. Her work in deep silence, reflect acceptance, and knowledge of life.
Probably for the very same reason her work is more powerful and have deeper and boarder impact than any protest or manifesto. The expanse of her work influence arise form depicting one of the most general and globalissues of life, yet so simple and so humble.
if you have been in war like me or it not , it makes no difference. It makes any observer to pause and think. It touches their very deep and unknown labyrinth of senses and silently attracts to what she wants to share.
Hence, Minoo's work carry an international quality. the viewer, wherever they come from, find familliar sence and thaught, independent from being againts each other and on the two sides of front line. 
Important is the fact that with refection of war and its long-lasting consequences in their private life, they all have a common knowledge. This is an exprerience that only a part of the society which is carrying wounds of war face, in this fast pace  industrial world. such deep knowledge makes the painter patient. this endless patience comes from the fact that she can not easily communicate a life like the with others. words can not reflect all of it. there is a lot to be buried in the chest for ever and that takes her to silence. This kind of life instead of defeat or damage brought her a deep level of knowledge and powerful visual expression. this knowledge at the end is a present and a gift. it is a "gift" that only hard workers and diehards could get from deadly and violent phenomenon "war".
I hope, that the merit minoo has acquired facing this demon, can help her to rise and shine again in the future .










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