I have posted about Minoo before but now my readership is a lot larger than it was five mounts ago I thought I would take the oppertunity to put up another post about this superb artist.
Minoo lives and works in Tehran. she is a highly regarded artist who has exhibited extensively both in Iran and abroad.
In particular I was (and still am ) blown away by her war galleries which were inspired by her husband's experiences during the Iran-Iraq war , an eight year long conflict started by Saddam which cost over one million lives. For me the images of false limbs and combat fatigues are in their own way as damning an indictment of war as the poetry of Wilfred Owen.
Once again Minoo reminds us of that we should not just dwell on what is produced by American  or European artists. There is an enormous wealth of talent elsewhere in the world.






هيچ گونه اجازه ای برای هر نوع استفاده از نقاشيها و تصاوير ارايه شده به جز مشاهده شخصی آنها در سايت, بدون گواهی کتبی نقاش وجود ندارد. متخلفين موجب بند 5 از ماده 2 قانون حمايت از حقوق مولفان, مصنفان و هنرمندان تحت پيگرد قانون قرار ميگرند.

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