Art is created by processing of huge images where  passing the imagination in the artist's mind. painter as a hunter is following the life's momemnts and exciting to catch what she  wants from the beauty of the life . so, creation of beauty is art and because of that artist is attempting to tell and show us the memory of this process.

Minoo Emami doesn't need to go far away to see and describe her world .she adventaged simply from the people and things surrounded her life .
In the life accurs she was looking for emotional concepts and even for a from which world help to express her feeling and thought .

the time is symbol for artist .it has sign of memory . these signs lead to new perspectives . that is how the new creation will be born .artist's eyes would seek and disthingvish the  unlived foot by her art in the essential way .
she created not only a performance of art but also a performance of concepts which easy to forget.

the shapes in Minoo Emami's art is actually beauty art what telling the history a bout human being and its integration and manifestation . the reality of human life and humanity were achived in her art .

Minoo Emami's creation of art consisted of both her so phisticated skills and her knowledge .she partices of applying the color and expresses her consideration in order to manifest of the beauty which is laying on the paint .
By using the color , her performance set in the quality of relationship between inside and outside of the phenomenon.






هيچ گونه اجازه ای برای هر نوع استفاده از نقاشيها و تصاوير ارايه شده به جز مشاهده شخصی آنها در سايت, بدون گواهی کتبی نقاش وجود ندارد. متخلفين موجب بند 5 از ماده 2 قانون حمايت از حقوق مولفان, مصنفان و هنرمندان تحت پيگرد قانون قرار ميگرند.

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