Enter the Jadis gallery and you have entered an entirely different world .still life pictures of clothes, textiles, suitcases and bags, hospital attire and antique furniture greet you from remarkably true to life canvases. Suddenly you realise that despite the close attention to detail and the incredibly realistic feel of the pictures, the medium is  actually simple colour pencils. It is almost impossible to imagine  that such a fantastic effect can be created by the use of such simple tools.
One of the exhibiting artists is Minoo Emami Alagha. An interesting aspectof their work is fascination with clothes and suitcases. Whether it is bags packed for a trip or clothes pouring out of an open suitcase, or crumpled coats hanging on the walls , there are several pictures with the accent on clothes .
Another aspect worthy of mention is the manner in wich the colour pencils have been used so that the softness and luxurious feel of textures like silk and velvet can almost be felt.





هيچ گونه اجازه ای برای هر نوع استفاده از نقاشيها و تصاوير ارايه شده به جز مشاهده شخصی آنها در سايت, بدون گواهی کتبی نقاش وجود ندارد. متخلفين موجب بند 5 از ماده 2 قانون حمايت از حقوق مولفان, مصنفان و هنرمندان تحت پيگرد قانون قرار ميگرند.

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