Integration of created art by artist's life from 7th to 16th February in 2003 has been an exhibition of minoo Emami's Paintings-collage -in Barg gallery.
Minoo's work has been demostrated collectively and privately in several galleries before.
in addition, her painting s have been also showed in the resident of the ambassador from Egypt in Tehran, festival of art, in the association of the most iranian artist woman, also in Dubai 2000.
Minoo has tried to manage other exhibitions by herself too. Finally her last exhibition (in Bary Gallery) was reason to this note.

it is said that minoo's painting affected by her feeling for the life,s occurs and environment .And her concept of the life, this motivation to pain such as she does, makes her art thoughtfully. minoo has succeeded in creating an unusual kind of art which by itself is unique. this created art has released itself from the traditional styles in this way .So, it would say that she has produced a new style for performance of her art.
As response to deeply curiosity about her art, we consider minoo,s comments to us.At the first , minoo showed her respect and gratefully thanks to her master miss parvaneh Etemadi and peered her feeling for her.
She mentioned the mass-painters with a range of ages, styles and with considering of peresentation of iranian female paintings that migh be natural result of our social conditions.
She has given up finding the way to other painters' hearts from their paintings.
She was displaying her paintings and finding that it might be difficult diving ex planations. she would seriously hope that the culture atmosphere and art would take its place at the time. she believes that an artist tries to understand its life and introduce it artistically.

She also considers that art must be integrated and approached closely to the painter's life where is influenced by feelings ,thought and the passion of heart.
Thinking about life, acknowledge and accepting taht was minoo,s motivation.
She said that she would have created the paintings not only to be attractive from emotional side, but also, to be thought and make aquestions.
She struggles that her paintings in away should be symbolized of life,s dualism ,and in other way for human adjustment which is going on in the history.she fought being , the best of God's creation who has to choose .this choice was included a part of its tragedy and its humanity . In this case , the human being might understand its responsibility , if not , he could be blame- worthy of this historical guit . that is minoo's opinion why the art creat.
She said that she went through the refletions of  color and shapes all these roles , rhythms , balance balcks and reds drag her imagination to where she was seeking for .
This demostration was impression of deep feeling by her heart which her hands could perform







هيچ گونه اجازه ای برای هر نوع استفاده از نقاشيها و تصاوير ارايه شده به جز مشاهده شخصی آنها در سايت, بدون گواهی کتبی نقاش وجود ندارد. متخلفين موجب بند 5 از ماده 2 قانون حمايت از حقوق مولفان, مصنفان و هنرمندان تحت پيگرد قانون قرار ميگرند.

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